FROSK Girls | Girls Clothing

45 USD25 USD

Tween Girls Plaid and lace dress.

When you mix styles in time and fabric structure and stir the pot with a multicultural designer hand you never know what will happen until this beautiful girl show up and rock the scene! This is it: a Tween Girls Plaid and lace dress.
Parents love this dress as much as the Tween Girls and when it becomes too short she have got her favorite tunic!

  • Made with love in a 100% Cotton woven Plaid and 100% cotton crochet lace.
  • Care for it by washing inside out in luke warm water and gentle low tumble dry.
  • Love it by wearing it to make your personal fashion statement!
  • Give happiness by giving it away to someone else when it doesn't fit anymore.
  • Made in USA.


please contact us for measurement details/length etc.