FROSK Girls | Girls Clothing



Welcome to FROSK girls earth positive junior girls clothing made to engage and inspire.  Who make the clothes young girls love to wear? Where does the fabric come from? Is the fabric and clothing made in a way that destroys the nature and make life tougher for the people making them? The purpose for FROSK girls is to make clothing for young girls  that are effortless, fun and cool at the same time as it is earth and people positive. We want the FROSK tops and dresses to become a part of their story as much as it is a part of the story of people making them. 

FROSK Girls is a Junior clothing line offering contemporary, age appropriate knit and woven tops, dresses and pants for stylish, trendsetter girls age 8 to 14 years.,  Reflecting the designer’s signature modern aesthetic and strong ethical values, the collection is made from best possible fabrics including styles in 100% organic cotton.

FROSK girls draw inspiration from the positive energy, curious minds, playful spirit and border less global view of young adults today. In search for their identity we want to team up and be a part of their story! 

The Frosk girl knows the future is in her hands and believe she can make positive changes. Therefore she chooses high quality clothing made by people that get fairly paid. She wants to look good and feel good!